PRF RO - Reverse Osmosis Unit

  • Designed to meet the requirements for smaller, more robust RO systems
  • Exceptional ease of use and good value for money RO
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The PRF-RO, the replacement to the Merlin RO system, has been designed to meet the requirements for smaller, more robust RO systems.

The PRF-RO incorporates two high flow membrane elements in series to produce an average of 1.9 lpm of purified water, protected by a carbon impregnated Fibredyne pre-filter delivering a capacity of 38,000 litres.

  • Up to 2,600 litres per day of on-demand purified water
  • Works on mains pressure from just 50psi (32. bar) - Best perfomance is achieved when mains pressure is 80psi (5.5bar)
  • Average rejection rate - 93% @ 80psi (5.5 bar) - If input TDS is 300ppm then at 80psi the output TDS would be about 22ppm
  • Rejection rate will drop if pressure is lower than 80 psi (5.5 bar) - see technical sheet for more details
  • Auto shut-off if using a float valve
  • Dry Weight 9.5kg
  • For lower pressure and/or low temperature applications, a pressure activated booster pump is recomended
  • Please CLICK HERE to see the technical sheet for this product
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