Quick-Release Adapter for Super-Lite Extension Sections

  • Converts your Super-Lite Extension into a robust and lightweight all purpose pole
  • Allows for any Quick-Release carbon gooseneck and angle adapter gooseneck to attach straight on
  • Ideal for Solar Panel Cleaning, Veluxes, etc
€ 56,93
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Ideal for Solar Panel Cleaning - Convert your Super-Lite extensions into a robust and lightweight all purpose pole.

This alloy adapter push-fits on the top of all Super-Lite extensions and allows for any of the new quick release carbon goosenecks and Resi Necks to attach straight on.

Ideal for uses such as lightweight, rigid and robust cleaning of fascias, gutters, Veluxes and also for Solar Panel cleaning.

Used with a series of SL2 extensions this would create a very rigid solar panel cleaning pole which will not sag (which could cause damage on these expensive panels) and yet is light enough for repetitive hard work whilst being very tough.

Photo shows this alloy fitting fitted to an SL2 extension and with a 90° carbon neck fitted - please note these are not included in the purchase price.

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